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How is Pilates taught?

N+peO0fyQx69Krk1LflbfA thumb a490The offer at the studio includes group lessons on the mat with different levels as well as individual lessons on the different Pilates equipment developed by Joseph Pilates. Mat group lessons are hold with a maximum of 9 participants and Wall Unit classes with a maximum of 4 participants and individual lessons are taught either as a solo or duet lesson. In general everybody can start the Pilates training at any time on either mat or apparatus. 

Mat training - Course offer

During the mat lessons the original exercises created by Joseph Pilates will be introduced and continuously extended and varied, the lessons will be supplemented and modified by small props such as foam roller, magic circle, balls, thera-band or weights.  The following levels are available: 

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NEW CLIENTS / Beginner & Experienced

New clients without any knowledge and experience in Pilates are kindly asked to book one or two single units (Solo) before entering the group classes. There are special offers availabe for new clients coming to the Studio for the first time. This first unit will be taken to discuss the individual fitness situation of the client, to introduce the principles of the Pilates method and to discuss a suitable training plan. Clients with a Pilates background can directly join a running course after consultation of the studio owner. 


This lesson is for all beginner in Pilates, during the lesson all Pilates principles will be introduced and explained. One focus of this lesson is increase the participant's body perception and posture awareness. Second target is to strengthen the trunk musculature - also known as "powerhouse" - by learning the basic set of Pre-Pilates and Pilates exercises.  

PILATES INTERMEDIATE / Intermediate level

This lesson is dedicated to the more experienced Pilates participant. Building on the basic set up of exercises from the INTRO lesson new exercises will be introduced step by step. Next to the core strengthening this lesson will also focus on improving stability and increase strength. In addition there will be implemented small props - like magic circle, balls, thera-band or weights - to increase challenge, variation and fun.  

PILATES ADVANCED / Advanced levellronfSGrQ7+DmVsfrK274A thumb a50e

This lesson is made for everybody practicing the Pilates mat program already for a while. A lesson for experts, the whole mat program will be practiced in a flow style, a comprehensive training for strength, stretch, stamina, stability and fitness!

PILATES for BACK / Specific training for the back

This lesson is suitable for participants willing to do something good for their back. Pre-Pilates and Pilates exercises for the trunk and back musculature will be combined with classical back therapy training. The core will be strengthened and stability and posture improved. Several small props - such as magic circle, balls, Thera-band, weights - will be incorporated in the lessons to increase variation and pleasure.

Apparatus training - individual or small groups

MdR9ArC6RVW9liFkqWj4nw thumb a4bdThe different Pilates machines work with springs which can be adjusted to individual needs, personal fitness and existing experience of each client. The training against the intensity of the springs improves not only strength and stability but also enhances stretching capacities and stamina.

Apparatus lessons are offered as single session (solo), two-party lesson (Duet) in order to meet the client's needs at best. At the studio lessons will be held on the Reformer, the Cadillac, the Wall Unit, the Electric Chair, the Wunda Chair, the Baby Chair, the Pedipole, the Ladder Barrel, Small Barrel, Spine Corrector and with other smaller equipment. 

Wall Unit / mini groups at the Studio equipment

In this unit a maximum of 4 persons will be trained at the Wall unit, one of the Studio apparatus. Exercises from the mat program will be combined with exercises at the Wall.