Pilates for companies

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How can your employees benefit from Pilates? 

Today's daily working environment is characterized by sitting working activities, monotone operational processes and also physical load and stress on employee's bodies. Pilates is an ideal compensatory training for people suffering from daily working stress. Pilates improves physical and mental wellbeing at the same time and has positive effects on performance and concentrations capacities of employees. 

What are the benefits for your company?

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    positive impact and prevention of sick leaves in your company
  • improvement of physical and mental well-being of your employees
  • efficient employee motivation and relationship 
  • reputation as socially engaged and responsible employer
  • creation of community spirit 

Benefits of Pilates

  • Pilates positively influences posture & physical appearance
  • Pilates strengthens and stabilizes the body
  • Pilates improves flexibility, agility and stamina
  • Pilates brings relief from back pain and joint stress
  • Pilates reduces stress, relieves tensions and boosts energy

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Our offer for your company

  • Group training or individual training for your employees
  • Training either in the movemus Pilates Studio or directly in your company
  • individual appointments and personalized programs according to your needs
  • for training in your company you would need to provide an appropriate room 
  • mats and training equipment will be made available by movemus

Contact us to discuss your personal offer!