Equipment training

The Pilates equipment works with springs, whose resistance can be adjusted according to the physical condition, fitness and experience of the participant. By working against the spring tension, strength, endurance, stability and flexibility can be trained depending on the exercise.

In the studio, training takes place on the Reformer, Cadillac, Electric Chair, Wunda Chair, Baby Chair, Wall Unit, Pedipole, Ladder Barrel, Small Barrel, Spine Corrector and various small devices. The devices are from the brands GRATZ and BASIL from the USA, these manufacturers rebuild the devices true to the original, just as Joseph Pilates once invented and used them.

Private lesson studio equipment

Individual apparatus lessons are offered in the form of a single lesson (solo), an hour for two (duet), in order to be able to meet the needs of each participant in the best possible way. These units are especially recommended for clients with physical complaints or after physiotherapy or as preparation for a later start in the groups. 

Individual booking

Small group studio equipment

In this small group with a maximum of 4 people, training is done on the studio equipment, especially on the "Wall Unit" - one of the studio equipment. Exercises from the mat program are combined with exercises on studio equipment. This small group can be booked online via the timetable.