Mats training

In group training on the mat, the original exercises of Joseph Pilates are taught and continuously supplemented. The lessons are supplemented and modified with the help of small additional equipment - such as foam rollers, Magic Circle, balls, Theraband or weights. Depending on the fitness level of the participant, different levels of difficulty can be chosen.

BASIC / Beginner

One hour for the beginner, the Pilates principles are explained and introduced step by step. The focus of this lesson is on body awareness and posture training on the one hand, and on the other hand the trunk muscles - also called "powerhouse" - are strengthened and trained. The basic program of pre-pilates and Pilates exercises is taught. 

INTERMEDIATE / medium level

One hour for the advanced participant, building on the basic program, further exercises are introduced. In addition to strengthening the trunk, this hour also trains increased stability and strength. For the challenge, various small devices - such as Magic Circle, balls, Theraband or dumbbells - are built into the training.

ADVANCED / Advanced

One hour for the expert who has been practicing for a long time in the mat program, the whole repertoire of mat exercises is trained, a comprehensive training for strength, flexibility, endurance, stability and fitness.